How To Build Emotional Intimacy In Your Relationship

Ever wonder how you can build greater emotional intimacy in your relationships? Emotional intimacy is one of the most fulfilling things the human experience has to offer. It’s one of our core fundamental needs, and it’s a key reason we seek out and enter into relationships. In this post, we will share four ways to deepen intimacy between you and your partner. 

Learn To Communicate

Communication is one of the primary keys to emotional intimacy in a relationship. Lack of communication leads to the slow degrading of emotional connection. To communicate, we need to be an engaged listener by taking the time to listen to our partner share their thoughts, dreams and feelings while seeking to understand. Often, couples struggle to communicate in an intimate way because they are focused on sharing their own perspective rather than truly trying to understand the others point of view and feelings. 

Be Honest and Vulnerable

Emotional intimacy in a relationship is impossible if both individuals are not willing to be honest and vulnerable. Honesty does not require bluntness with disregard for the others feelings. Honesty is simply being willing to lovingly share one’s true feelings and thoughts in a productive way with others. Couples also need to be vulnerable and open up to each other. According to an article by PsychologyToday, being vulnerable fosters connectedness in couples. Putting up walls causes disconnectedness and creates an obstacle to emotional intimacy.

Be Together

Another great way to build intimacy in your relationship is to find ways to be together. Go out of your way to do things that the both of you might find interesting. Better yet, challenge each other to try something new that neither of you have done before and have an adventure. 

Learn Your Love Languages

In his book “The Five Love Languages,” Gary Chapman shares that each person has a language in which they give and receive love through. Often, when a couple is struggling to be emotionally intimate, they have neglected to seek out ways to show love in the other’s love language. This is especially important if your love languages are vastly different.


While emotional intimacy seems easy enough, it can often be difficult if a relationship has become disconnected and cold. While these four keys to intimacy are helpful, you might find yourself needing more direct help from a professional. We have helped many couples reconnect emotionally and would love to help you reconnect with your partner as well. To inquire you can contact us or you can set up an appointment through our online scheduler at your leisure.